A starting point with options.

Having done web development for some years now, things have become a lot clearer to me. People want a web developer, because they don’t have the time to learn all the intricacies themselves. Time is money, and they would rather be putting that time into what they do best, their own business.

In the old days I would sit down with them, and outline how to go about choosing a template, a hosting plan, and a url. I pretty much never heard from them again, or would get the, I’m working on it, I went to the sites. Basically, it’s overwhelming to many. The first shock is when, in searching for a url, everything’s taken. From that point the motivation kind of changes. Not to mention the hosting plans and myriad of layouts to be weighed.

Enter www.PortSD.com

PortSD is designed to get rid of the technical, contract, and financial barriers that small business owners face when moving into a searchable, free-standing web presence. Pacific Rim Web will always be available to the larger business that can devote the resources into planning out a professional, custom site, but this is for the starter-upper. PortSD will allow very real, useable options to adapt to the small business owner’s growth plans. Sites can start with basic who, what, where, and when (introduce, what you do, where you are located, and hours of operation) with a MyBusiness.PortSD.com url, then can have that site under their own url, then their own hosting if they wish. The small business owner is also welcomed to keep that site, or use it to refer to their new name, losing no loyal customers.

These options are all available because Pacific Rim Web / PortSD is a self-owned and Web Developer operated entity. Unlike larger, so-called free (they're not) DIY host sites, owners are dealing directly with the technically knowledgeable person and are not being channeled into a “one-service-fits-all” large business product with charges for technical services.

I hope small business owners who really don’t want to get into all the hosting plans, technical skills, and frustration of learning see the beauty of the PortSD business solution. For such a minimal cost, it offers a lot for growth.



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