New Site

Out with the old, in with the new.

New site. Over the weekend. Thing with site building, is you just get faster and faster. I can see that some of these big website companies probably turn out sites in an hour or less. Sure, it looks just like the last one they did, but it still requires speed and skill.

Basically, I just followed this plan:

  1. Got the frame work into Dreamweaver.
  2. Went through the framework and wrote down all my graphics dimensions.
  3. Prepared all the graphics in Photoshop all my own shots.
  4. Moved them into the folders and changed names in the source code.
  5. Inserted text.
  6. Got all the outsourced libraries in place, pasted in my metadata and other head scripting.
  7. fine tuned the CSS.
  8. Put the PHP in place and POST-synched it with the form.
  9. Put the map in.
  10. Adjusted the spacing.

Pretty quick. It still needs work. A graphics gallery will go in, and more sites that I've worked on. I'm thinking of putting in a looped video background in at the bottom. I shot some flowers (still growing on the pant) blowing around in the wind. Looped it in Premiere. It's cool! I kind of want people that visit my site to think they are surrounded by nature. There's enough urban skylines on the web, not enough trees, flowers, and water.

I just like flowers and plants as photographic subjects. They don't ask for royalties, they don't need model releases, they just like to be beautiful and left to their nature.

An Award Winning flower at the 2015 Del Mar Fair

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