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On the web since 1996

To survive on the web, technological change must be evaluated, and embraced. The customer should be aware of new tools that can be cost effective.

The web will always change. Every year a new technology is brought forward. Not all things are game-changers, but when they are, customers should know. Gone are the days of the $2,000 custom website, but also not needed is the “free” website that will cost more over time, and is not yours to fully customize. Pacific Rim Web explores the newest, cost effective techniques to build your web presence.

My name is Patrick Lopez, I programmed BASIC on a Hewlett-Packard V701 mainframe in 1977, programmed an HP-41C, CP/M S-BASIC on a Kaypro II (About 40 pounds, a steel casing, built-in tv, with a handle on the side), motion graphics on an Apple-IIe, BASIC and graphics on a Commodore+4 in 1987, then onto the web with IBM’s NetObjects in 1995. My first Multimedia site in 1996 had a Flash intro, mp3s, RealMedia, and DHTML effects.

One thing I know: just because something has a handle, doesn’t mean it’s portable.

At the Castillo de San Marcos, Saint Augustine, Florida - One of the oldest structures in America, under seven different national flags.

An overview of getting you started

A general flow of how your truly professional site will be created. PRW offers guidance through the start.
  • 1. URL and hosting
  • 2. Goal to achieve
  • 3. Code, WordPress, or both
  • 4. Building, coaching, or both

Selecting your URL and hosting

Your URL is something you want to value highly. As it is placed on your promotional materials, you always should retain control of its ownership. PRW recommends you purchase it as a separate buy, not combined with hosting. Opt for automatic renewals and warnings of expiration. There is much to consider in this selection, and assistance will be provided. This will be about $15 per year.

Most small business hosting goals can be met with an “economy” plan. That is, only one domain name allowed. PRW will work with your configuration to save you money. Asking for “cPanel” availability is very helpful to your goals. This should only run about $7 - $10 dollars per month, and is usually paid in one-year and five-year blocks. PRW offers guidance on both of these purchases.

Develop your goals, and future plans

You want to have a good idea of what you wish to achieve online. Common goals are: to lead social media back for more info, to have a brief list of services, location, hours, and contact, to start e-commerce through PayPal, or to call attention to an event. Goals can be in stages as well. Setting your goals will determine how much administrating and updating will be done. You may wish to do this independently, which PRW fully supports.

Goals can change over time. What is important is to establish your organization with a URL. Your viewers will become more familiar with seeking online info to find out basic information. Later whole sections can be additions to your site. When you see what is possible, new things may become part of future ideas.

Decide if you want a coded site, or a WordPress site, or both

PRW saves your time and money. We start with excellent beautiful HTML5 / CSS3 / PHP frameworks that you choose amongst according to your taste and goals, usually about $15 to $18 dollars. You then own the site completely. Graphics are supplied, and, or, we use your photos, colors, logos are professionally done. This is the traditional website building service, but we keep our cost in the $200 to $500 range.

WordPress is a newer, available technology that is a game changer. Basically, it’s a lot like using a “web browser that makes things”. Many companies like this in that it allows one of the staff to gradually start administering. It can be an added extension of a coded site. Different levels of permissions can be granted. These sites offer “plugins”, free and fee, that greatly add a huge amount of features. These templates run a bit more, $45 to $250 dollars, or use the basic free ones. This is a good option for those wishing e-commerce and independence.

Building, Coaching, or both

Once your goals are more in place by what you see and what can be done, the site is then assembled. Coded site or WordPress site, you will decide what photos or graphics you want where, what pages you want, wording, this will usually take place through set, spaced conversations and emails. If a simple coded site, there is a possibility PRW can host your site for free, saving you hosting fees.

With a WordPress site, either from the start or once the site is finished, PRW encourages you to learn simple administration. Clients in the San Diego region, can be coached in a few sessions of site assembly and maintenance. Normally a process taking several months to learn, PRW can teach the basics and soon you will see it is quite a straightforward process. You then enjoy the cost saving ability to make changes at your convenience.

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