CODEWKSHP: Experimental Coding

This is a barebones developer workshop

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Angular Coding

An Angular.js framework I'm learning, morphing, and experimenting with.

Simple app, controller, and module DOM binding

JavaScript Coding

These pages come and go

Video Coding

Full screen video background mp4/Webm formats. Goes to static via jQuery below 760px.

...another example with different, more optimized video (Blue Stage).

A panning background, want to get it video and pan.

PHP and MySQL Coding

A page that loads random images on each visit, can be used with backgrounds and colors as well.

Here is a small PHP accessible MySQL database demo using Object Oriented server interaction.

This is the script to insert an object into a database w/ backend PHP driving it.

This is a modular PHP generated page using Object Oriented Programming with classes and includes. This is good for larger sites, i.e. State, County, needing thousands of pages, that can all change content from one access point.

Feedback form that will send email to me

jQuery and HTML5 New Features Coding

Here is a page that incorporates two drag and drop methods: HTML5 and jQuery

PHP Form Generation and Backend Math Coding

A Simple Order Form that counts amounts and tax

Item Quantity
How did you end up on this page?
Frozen mice
Bottles of Milk

A Variable Plotting Program That Allows Number Manipulation and Limiting Plots ( works best with numbers 1-10 )

Parameter Value
Var 1
var 2
var 3

Gas Trip Calculator (An iteration loop to construct rows)

Enter your distances and costs

Parameter Value
Length of trip
Price of gas
Speed you will drive
Efficiency of your vehicle, the miles you get per gallon (simple number):