Comic-Con 2017

A Handcoded Responsive Page.

Static Displays

column 1 image

There were plenty of humongous static displays to see. Some vendors on the Dealer Floor just set up static displays to represent their presence.

Cutting-edge Art

column 2 image

Artist's Alley and others presented cutting edge artwork that hadn't been seen by the public yet.

Marvel Presence

column 3 image

Marvel, always with a big presence, had main areas, and supporting models and character booths.

Old Favorites

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This Lego image of Squirtle (one of my favorite) was a treat for the loyal fans.

Hollywood Mockups

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As always, Hollywood showed their star power with full size mockups and set items from big blockbusters.

Star Wars

column 6 image

Star Wars characters, merchandise, and artwork were in no short supply. What's a Comic Con without Darth Vader!